portions now in French in TINA

(a novel)

The Last Sizable Thing manifested by HORRIBLE CHILD's writer/director in the Public Sphere, published by McSweeney's Books in 2001. For the first U.S. & Dutch editions the writer handoodled 11,000 individual bookcovers.

Matt Herlihy Waxes Lemonly

Mike Sugarbaker's Mindjack.com Review

"A wise and poetic, gorgeously written literary gem."

"The perfect marriage of stunning intellect, a soaring sense of humor, and an intimate understanding of the absurd." (GreenApple Books)

"A thoughtful novel about filling emptiness and stretching for meaning."

"Everyone. Hated. It. Passionately. And that made it the best meeting we'd ever had. We argued over which parts we hated more. We pondered our own proclivities for certain inanimate objects. (What's said in the book club, stays in the book club.) I believe there may have been some yelling. Then we all had to admit that since we felt so strongly about it, maybe we actually loved it. I think we did."

Kara Platoni @ East Bay Express

"I love this book."