Rhyming for the Brick Theater blog,

Horrible went to a movie
And thought it was totally groovy.
Much better than Life
Whose persistent strife
Had lately been Horrible’s curse.
It was hard to imagine much worse.

But the movie, o joy, what delight!
It made all HC’s woe feel all right
Till the titles stopped rolling,
Then tears went cheek-strolling
And HC sat broken-hearting,
Awaiting the movie’s restarting.

But little did Horrible know
That It had just seen the last show.
With each minute that passed,
It became more aghast
And determined to see it again,
No matter how long till the when.

So It sat in Its seat with Its purpose,
Resourceful as the best of sherpas,
The floor a buffet
Of spilled can and may
With plenty for mouse, roach, and Child
To feast well with manners most mild.

The theatre’s custodial pod
Moved around It with diurnal plod,
Pre-Columbian greet,
Columbus’s fleet –
To HC their minds were that green,
Blind to what they'd not yet seen.

O blissful night spent undetested!
Un-evicted, not even molested!
Such a contrast to home!
It observed as the gloam
Became evening, then midnight, then morning,
While hope Its thoughts were adorning.

And then there was light, and then others -
Eager children, kind fathers, wise mothers
All here for the show -
HC felt in the know
(But resisted the impulse to lecture,
Knowing fun is best had sans conjecture).

And then the good darkness descended
Attention to screen was extended
And HC was breathless
Good movies are deathless
But what is this now that is playing?
Something else? How cruel, how betraying!

A preview it was, not sedition.
But HC was dumb to tradition.
From the theater It ran
Cursing gods, hating Man,
Buying cameras and sets and a phone
And making a film of Its own.